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Got Questions About Your Dog or Cat?
Let's Talk!

How does this work?

The $45 consultation call does not have a time limit; I want to be sure you have the necessary tools to solve the problems presented!

Option 1: Pay with PayPal

Option 2: Pay by Check

After paying, please send me an email at including:

  • A phone number to call you at

  • Times that will work for me to call

  • And a brief description of what you need help with

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button
  • Send me a Check for $45 

  • Make it out to KATIE K9

  • Send to 8089 165th St. N, Hugo, MN 55038

  • Be sure to INCLUDE your name and a telephone number so I can reach you

Is your dog dealing with any of the following?

Are you getting a new puppy/dog? Let's talk B4 you bring them home!

  • Allergies?

  • Hot Spots?

  • Gas- that can clear a room?

  • On going Bad Breath?

  • Tar on teeth?

  • Butt Scooting?

  • Sensitive Stomach issues?

  • Digestive problems?

  • A Dull, Dry flaky coat?

  • Excess shedding?

  • On going Ear problems?

  • Need to shed some Pounds?

Is your dog struggling with any of these behavioral issues?

  • Potty Training

  • Nipping

  • Jumping on you or guests

  • Barking at you or the world

  • Shy, Nervous, Spooky

  • Food aggression

  • Being a bully to you or to other dogs

  • Growling at you or guests

  • Growling or snapping if you try to move them

  • Are you having your first baby– and you have a dog– what you need to know to keep everyone happy & SAFE!

  • Having problems on walks with your dog?

Is your cat dealing with any of the following?

  • Throwing up?

  • Shedding all the time?

  • Not using the litter box?

  • Crystals in the urine?

  • What food is best for your cat?

  • Should you leave dry food out all the time or feed any dry food at all?

  • Your cat has gotten too fat? 

  • What food to feed

  • Kennel Training

  • Potty Training

  • Vaccination-What ones?

  • Find the right vet

  • What rules to set up now

Is your dog or cat getting too fat? 


Consultation Call Testimonials


"The $45/phone/email consultation was exactly what we needed and so worth it. We were having issues with our 13-year-old rescue pup who's been with us for years and our new baby/other children. Katie listened to our concerns, and I came away with several pages of notes as well as a clear path forward for what would be best for our family (and most importantly, for our dog, who was our baby for many years before our human baby arrived)! If you're on the fence as to whether a consulting session is worth it for you, I can't recommend it highly enough. I'm confident Katie could help address any issue and point you (and your beloved pup) in the right direction."

- Jen in Minneapolis, mom to 13-year-old rescued Boston Terrier, J.B.

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