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Intro to Nose Work-$95

2 Weeks, 1 hour each week

Teach your dog to use his or hers nose to find things! 

They NATURALLY use their noses- now teach them to be more organized with it. If you have a BUSY dog- most people want to run and run them to tire them out. Well, all that does is build an athlete - what use to take a half hour to tucker them out .. now becomes 2+ hrs! They come home – take a nap and are ready to go again! If you want to do something FUN with your dog- this is it.

When a dog uses his nose to find things- it takes sooo many senses to come together- it drains them for the rest of the day ( Like humans reading a book- a nap is required after or even WHILE READING because you are concentrating …)! They become calmer naturally! 

It's FUN FOR YOU, working together, and for your pupper!!! Even better, you do not need any expensive equipment! The world is full of smells to find! All you need is you, your pupper, and a smell to find!

Look forward to having a "Smelly" dog! It is LOTS of FUN and the only "smell"… is the one they are finding! Your dog knows obedience, some teach them...SCENTS and SMELLS!

Sign up today and let the fun begin!
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