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Puppy Class-$125 per hour

For Puppies 12 weeks old to 4 1/2 months
2 weeks, 1½ hours each
Puppy Class covers:
  • Socialization Play Time
  • Walk on a loose leash
  • Sit
  • Wait at door
  • "Invisible" Dog-Teach your pop to calm themselves down, especially with guests
  • Come
  • Leave it- No more "catch me if you can" games
  • Confidence building with fun games
  • Going over your puppy — getting them comfortable being touched all over their body for future grooming and vet visits
  • Problem solving — potty training, jumping, chewing, biting/nipping, barking, good and bad toys, proper feeding
  • Good Puppy Nutrition
  • Good & Bad Foods, Treats and Chews
  • How to feed and how much
  • What Supplements are needed for Puppies
  • Discuss vaccinations for puppies
  • Answers to all your Puppy questions

  • The main goal for my Puppy Class is to get YOU started right from the beginning. I will help you understand what is going on in your puppy's head and how to send the right training messages.
  • Why is this class held for only two 1½ hour sessions? Throughout my years of training I found most owners in 5 - 7 week classes began coming down too hard on their puppy, forgetting they are only a puppy with a very limited attention span. I redirected my attention to training the owners on how to deal with puppy behavior. Then they could work their puppy as their own time allowed, not feeling they had to whip their puppy into shape each week to come to class.
  • Every puppy reads the same manual (so do our two-legged kids) and goes through the same stages. It's a question of how things are handled if it becomes a bad habit or a battle of wills from that point on. You can understand the training process and have things go smoothly. Everyone wins with the right information and education!
  • I can show you in 1 minute what it might take10 pages to read in a book - if you understood what the author was really explaining to you.
  • There is only a small window of opportunity (from 12 weeks to 5 months) to do the right socialization with a puppy so they will become a happy, well-adjusted adult dog. This is why for the first 10-15 minutes all the pups get to run and play with each other. They can make new friends their own age and mostly the same size. This is the class for everything to come together and get it done right!
  • You will receive a PUPPY PACKET that will review everything we do in class along with many great tips on obedience and problem solving.
  • Your goal is to start getting your puppy to understand what these commands really mean and how to do them. With puppies, you need to build the "want" to want to please you, and to keep learning fun and happy.
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