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Shy/Timid Class-$95

1 hour private class
Does your dog or puppy shut down or worry about:
  • Being touched
  • Walking on a leash
  • Going through doorways
  • Guests or even family -members
  • Stairs
  • Everyday Noises
  • Collars / leashes
  • Quick movements
  • Does not know how to play
  • Scared of toys

Building confidence in a shy/timid dog or puppy- is NOT about hugs & kisses – but IS about building their confidence in trusting humans and to move forward in the world. Not run and hide from it or be snarky.

These dogs/puppies need a leader to follow, to help work through things. With this class you will learn to understand how and why these dogs/ puppies are like this, see things through their eyes, and how to take the baby steps needed to move all forward. Basicly to be a better leader to follow in the eyes of your fur kid and what is needed to go forward building the team.
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